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Agility Classes

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We are now running beginner agility classes here at Halifax, Huddersfield and Bradford RSPCA. Agility is a fun interactive dog sport that combines obedience training, body awareness and physical exercise all together. It was originally started at Crufts in 1977 by committee member John Varley as part of a demo in between the show classes and has quickly evolved into one of the worlds most popular dog sports. The aim of agility is for the dog to complete an obstacle course of various hurdles, weave poles, A frame's and tunnels. We will be incorporating clicker training into these classes to give your dog a clearer idea of what they are been asked off when teaching every individual obstacle.

The aim of these classes will be to provide a fun experience for both handler and dog and for those who wish to they can move on to more advanced training if they wish to in the future. They will take place every other Sunday at the paddock down at the nestle factory, participants will meet at the animal centre on wade street to begin with and then walk down with Nick our trainer and behaviourist who will be instructing the courses.

Those who are wishing to participate must have a dog that is up to date with their vaccinations and is not dog aggressive and can cope working around other dogs as well as having a good recall.

Please fill out a form if you are intrested in taking part and we will be in touch with you with time and dates.