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Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch

Become a Lockdown Lifeline

As we battle through the third Lockdown of this terrible pandemic, we unfortunately find ourselves with an all too familiar feeling of uncertainty. Sadly, these restrictions not only affect the way our charity works, but also impacts the animals in our care who will be spending lockdown with us once again. We currently have around 50 animals in our care (including fostered) and with our charity shops closed and fundraising events still on hold, this puts our RSPCA Centre under immense financial pressure.

The current Government restrictions are preventing us from following our usual rehoming procedures. For example, we have animals in our care who are unable to take the next step from being 'reserved' to going to their new forever home, which is very frustrating for us, the animal and the animals' new family. The animals in our care will always be our main priority and we know that our amazing supporters care for them equally as much as we do!

Your support is vital to the survival of our Branch and the work we do for these animals and the local community. Can you help us this lockdown by becoming a Lockdown Lifeline to the furry friends who've found themselves waiting in our Centre a little longer than they should be! It costs our Centre on average £205 per animal to provide their care for just 4 weeks. As we are responsible for raising our own funds locally and with no government funding, it definitely is a big task for us to cover all these costs.

You can help support the animals spending the foreseeable future with us by making a one-off donation of £2 today. Or why not become a regular giver by signing up to monthly donations? This will help the animals who are currently in our care and the countless furry faces who will arrive through our doors in the days, months and years to come. To become a Lockdown Lifeline to any of the animals below, simply click on the animal you would like to support and choose whether you would like to make a one-off or monthly donation to help with the cost of their care, food, shelter, treatment and rehabilitation costs.

We know we've said this a lot recently, but THANK YOU. Thank you for your ongoing support, and thank you for making it possible for these special animals to make it through these hard times and find the loving homes we all know they deserve.