Registered Charity 225575

Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch

Become a Trustee of the Branch



The RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch is governed through the Governing Document by a Board of Trustees.  Currently they number 10 in total and are:


Liz Lindsay – Chair

Vivien Aspey – Vice Chair

Kath Airey – Treasurer

Catheryn Harris – Branch Secretary

Tim Bray – Deputy Treasurer

Nichi Lindsay

Emma Harvey-Kitching

Jennifer Macdougal

Hazel Satloka

Jo Wilkinson - Minute Secretary


As an autonomous body, independently registered as a charity, the trustees are solely responsible for the general control and management of the administration of the charity as defined by the Charities Act 1993.  The branch charity must operate within the guidelines and policies laid down by the National RSPCA and these are reflected within the governing document called the Branch Rules, and within the legal framework monitored by the Charity Commission. 


In the governance of the branch, the Trustees must:


  1. provide effective leadership and direction and consider all matters relevant to the strategic planning and operation of the branch. 
  2. ensure due diligence, financial security, employment levels and compliance with legislation; 
  3. consider the welfare of staff as well as the animals it exists to care for. 
  4. ensure the effective use of resources available to the branch. 


This is achieved through the appointment of a Branch Manager and three key managers covering the areas of the Animal Centre and Animal Welfare provision; charity shops (currently 8); fundraising and financial management. 


The trustees meet bi-monthly at a full Committee Meeting to discuss matters relevant to the operation of the branch and in alternative months to discuss development and strategic progress.

In addition, there are several sub groups which meet every 6-8 weeks,  they are:


  1. Volunteer management group
  2. Animal centre forum
  3. Finance and general resources
  4. Income generation. 


Trustees are expected to volunteer to at least one if not more of these sub-groups which are also attended by key and relevant members of staff.  Some of the meetings are held in the evening to enable all trustees to attend. 


Trustees are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in early June each year.  The Board must consist of a minim of 7 and a maximum of 14 trustees.  Up to 3 trustees may be co-opted during the year but only a maximum of 14 can be elected at the AGM.  ,

                                APPLYING TO BECOME A TRUSTEE


The Trustees would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in becoming a trustee.  There are currently 4-6 places available.  We are interested in anyone with qualifications or a background in marketing,  administration,  teaching,  welfare, the legal profession, HR or has run their own business and simply has a good level of business sense. 


The role of a trustee can sometimes be time consuming but allows you, along with your fellow trustees, to contribute in a significant way  towards achievement of our animal welfare objectives.  You will feel very proud in knowing that you have helped many animals to leave cruel and abusive lives behind and in our care to be shown love and patience, be rehabilitated and trained before going to  a new forever loving home.


Further information on the role of a trustee can be found on the Charity Commission website  where you can download leaflet CC3 the Essential Trustee – What you Need to Know. 


The stages of applying to us are:

1:  Send an email to our branch office email address:

2:  Complete the application form that will be sent to you.

3:  Your details will be passed to our Chair  who will contact you to arrange a meeting

4:  You will be sent a trustee Profile form to complete and  invited to sit in on the first part of one of our meetings.  You will be provided with lots of information to make a fully informed decision.

5:  If you still wish to proceed, you will be co-opted at a further meeting.


We are currently seeking new Trustees to join our Branch and welcome any enquiries