Registered Charity 225575

Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch

Halifax , Huddersfield and Bradford Animal Centre Shop

Why is our shop any different or better than all the rest?

Because the profits from our shop go directly towards the care of animals in need.

We sell all the basics and much more .......Come and browse our on line shop

For our canine companions we can provide

- behaviour toys and training aids
- chew and dental toys

Flea, worm and veterinary treatment

- cute 'n' cuddlies

For our feline friends we have a selection of quality

- scratching posts
- fun cat nip toys

- litter and other essentials

For our garden friends we have nuts, seeds, suet and sunflower hearts

We are stockists of Burgess foods and Hills Feline Science Plan but are happy to order most major brands. Just give us a call.

The animals in our care need your support.

Please spend generously!

National Cruelty Advice Line: 0300 123 4999
National Enquiries Line: 0300 123 4555