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How Your Dog Learns & Clicker Training

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This is a 2 part workshop with the first part taking place at the animal centre and the second part taking place at St Johns Church Hall Brighouse. Part one is to be attended without your dog and will teach you all about how your dog learns and how you can use this information to teach your dogs new wanted behaviours and also how you can teach them to stop doing unwanted behaviours. This part of the workshop will also explain how by using motivation we can achieve engagement from our dogs which is so important when trying to teach them new behaviours. The course will be delivered using handouts and also with demonstrations using the dogs at the centre.


Part 2 of the course is practical based and is to be attended with your dog. You will learn all about clicker training and how you can use this very efficient positive training method to teach your dog all the skills it will need. The type of behaviours you will learn include getting your dog to sit and lay down on command, leaving items when asked, coming back when off the lead and also walking on the lead without pulling. Clicker training is a fantastic, kind and effective way to communicate to your dog what you want them to do and once you and your dog understand it then how many new behaviours you teach your dog is up to you.


Refreshments will be available for both parts of the course.


Cost of How Your Dog Learns & Clicker Training Course £50


Part 1 of the course is on Sunday 15th July 10am - 1pm (Part 1 will take part at the Animal Centre)

Part 2 of the course is on Sunday 22nd July 10am - 1pm (Part 2 will take place at St Johns Church, Brighouse, HD6 1HL)