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Kodas Diary

Hi my name’s Koda and I’m so happy you’ve clicked here to read my diary!

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24th May 2017

Hi Guys its Koda here and I have some brilliant news to share with you! As you will probably know I have been in a foster home for a while now so that my breathing can be monitored. On Wednesday I came to have a check-up with the vet to see if the operation has been a success. The vet says that my breathing has improved significantly and I can finally be signed off to be adopted! The best thing of all is that my foster Mum and Dad have decided to adopt me!! Thank you so much to everyone who supported me by donating vital funds towards my operation. My tail will not stop wagging and I don’t expect it to stop anytime soon!



11th May 2017

Dear Diary,


I absolutely love it at my foster home! Here is a little clip of me playing in my garden, I could play out all day long!



3rd May 2017

Dear Diary,

I just thought I would update you on how things have been going in my foster home. I was a busy boy yesterday meeting a new doggy friend called Conker. I walked well with him but got a little OTT when we came back to my house & there were tennis balls about. My foster mum says I have to learn how to be polite with other dogs while toys are around. I'm such a clever boy I think I will get the hang of it with my foster parents help.

I was also introduced to this thing called a hoover. I was alarm barking at my foster mum as I found it a bit scary & noisy at first but she ignored my barking & rewarded me when I was quiet, so I soon realised it wouldn't hurt me. Then when it was put away I was allowed to play with my tennis balls for being such a good boy. I really liked that part. Today my mum had the hoover out again as I had shredded my toy hedgehog all over the carpet. I remembered what she taught me yesterday & I stayed on the sofa whilst she hoovered, without so much as a peep. I was rewarded with treats & by being allowed to have all my toys out again. My foster dad said he is really proud of me but he thought I was being trained to use the hoover so he didn't have to do it. Silly dad!

I have had a few human friends visit me over the past couple of days too. I met my foster grandma & today some of my foster mummy's friends. I was a little wary at first but as soon as they threw a tennis ball for me, they became my new best friends. All this playing has worn me out. It's time for an afternoon nap.



1st May 2017

Dear Diary,

I just thought i would give my fantastic fans and supporters a quick update on my first night. Whilst writing this I am snuggled up to my foster mummy enjoying some fuss. Yesterday involved Play, Walk, Play Snooze and REPEAT! I have been showing off how good I am with my trianing that the staff taught me at the Animal Centre, I have even learnt some new things here already! My Foster parents think I am very clever. They say I am a dream and a pleasure to have in their household. I have not had any accidents and I am being a good boy! Here is a video of my seeing the mountain of toys for the first time! Enjoy!



28th April 2017

Dear Diary,

Today is the day that I go to a foster home so my breathing can be monitored. I am so excited to finally get out of the kennels and settle in to a loving foster home. My new foster mum and dad tell me that there will be lots of toys and treats waiting for me at their home, I cannot wait to get there!



Here I am in the car on the journey home, I love looking out of the window watching the world go by!



All this excitement has worn me out so I think I will have a little snooze, when I wake up I will be there!!



22nd April 2017

Dear Diary,

I have had such a fantastic time at Poochfest today in Stainland. There was lots of happy people with their dogs having such a jolly time. Check out these cool photos that a lovely lady called Rachel took of me. All of the staff at the Animal Centre tell me I could be a model with my handsome looks, what do you think?



16th April 2017

Dear Diary,


I hope you have had a lovely Easter and not eaten too much chocolate. I had a special doggy Easter egg which didn't last very long but it tasted amazing!



10th April 2017

Dear Diary,

I had such a fab time at my 1st birthday party yesterday. I met lots of new friends who joined in on the party games. We played musical mats, the egg and spoon race and some scent games. Thank you for everyone who came and brought me presents and also for everyone who has donated towards my appeal. More to the point WE HAVE REACHED THE TARGET! Thanks to your genorosity we have raised the funds to pay for my operations and a bit more which will go towards my aftercare. Keep checking out my diary for updates on when my operation is and also how im getting on. In the mean time here are a few pictures from my birthday party.


Here are me and my friends playing musical mats...


The winner of musical mats!


Is it a birthday party without cake?


31st March 2017

Dear diary,

I am soon feeling back to my normal self after my first operation removing my saliva gland. I had a check up with the vet yesterday and he said it was healing well. He also removed the drain from my wound because I no longer need it in there.

Any way I have much more exciting news than that! I have officaily turned 1 years old this week and the Animal Centre staff are throwing me a birthday party!! It is on Sunday 9th April 2.00 - 2.30pm and everyone is invited! So please come and see me!

27th March 2017 4.45pm

Hi folks! Thank you for everyone’s warm wishes whilst I was at the vets. I am a bit wobbly at the moment and I had to be carried into the van. I also have a funny drain hanging out of my neck. All the Animal Centre staff say I am a really brave boy and I can have extra treats when I am feeling better! I now have 2 weeks to recover before I can undergo my other operation. However before I can be booked in we need to raise £1500.


27th March 2017 8.45am

Dear diary,

Today I have gone to the vets for my first operation on my saliva gland. I am so happy to get the ball rolling with fixing my breathing problem once and for all. The staff at the vets were very nice and assure me that I will be back at the RSPCA Animal Centre in time for tea. Wish me luck guys!


24th March 2017

Dear diary,

I’ve been at the RSPCA Halifax and Huddersfield branch for a couple of months now and while I’ve been here they discovered I had a bit of a problem with my throat…..the vet has a big posh word for it (Bilateral Laryngeal Paralysis) but it basically means I struggle to breath when I eat or play – apparently I sound like a choking, snorting pig!! It’s a good job I’m such a handsome boy though to make up for the noises I make!

Please don’t feel sorry for me though, I have a lot of fun here at the branch! I get lots of walks and spend my days either playing with the staff in the offices (I’m really good at distracting them when they’re trying to work!) or working on my training.

Speaking of which, you can see me and my Trainer Nick going through a few things on this video, if you listen carefully you can hear the choking noise in my throat when I breathe – click on it and have a look!


To help fix my throat I will need 2 operations which will cost £2,300. It’s very expensive but if I have the operation it will mean I can run, play and eat without any problems – or noises!

The staff here are trying really hard to raise some money for my operations, a lot of people have asked why we can’t afford it as we should have a lot of money being a big national charity – but this isn’t true! The Halifax and Huddersfield branch is a self funded branch of the National RSPCA, which means they have to raise their own funds to care for all my animal friends here, and when a big operation like mine comes along, it really means all hands-on-deck to raise the funds needed to pay for it!

I know that everyone here (and especially me!) would appreciate anything you could donate to put towards the cost of my operations. You could even organise your own special event that’s dedicated to raising funds for me! Anything you can give would help me have a better quality of life and I’m only a young boy who still has a lot to see, sniff and do!

If you would like to donate online you can by visiting

Or you can send a cheque/drop in to our Animal Centre at

RSPCA Animal Centre, Wade Street, Halifax HX1 1SN

Thank you!!!!