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Cat It Airsift Hooded Litter Tray

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The Catit AirSift Litter Box has a wide-access, paw safe door that’s both easy for cats to open and helps prevent litter spills. The hood is sufficiently spacious to provide your cat with the privacy they need without feeling crowded. The included Catit Airsift filter pad, safely tucked away in the top compartment, helps control litter box odours in a cat-friendly manner.


  • Spacious hooded litter boxes for your cat’s comfort with paw-safe entrance
  • Wide-access door and built-in bag anchor for easy scooping and cleaning
  • Overlap mechanism and raised back prevent urine leaks
  • 1x Airsift Dual Action Odour Reducing filter with activated carbon to effectively lock in unpleasant smells


Approximate Dimensions:

  • W15.3 D22.4 x H18.3cm
  • Opening: W9.6 x H10.4cm


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Cat It Airsift Hooded Litter Tray

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