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Harrisons suet balls no net 6...

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Walter Harrisons Suet Balls with Mealworms should be fed in addition to other foods – they provide much needed energy for the birds and are an acceptable substitute for insect protein, which is lacking from a wild bird’s diet in winter. Fledglings in particular need insect protein for healthy growth and development, so it is important to continue feeding suet balls all year round.

Not having nets not only means no litter but the additional benefit of being completely safe to use without the risk of trapping and damaging birds’ beaks and feet.

Suet balls provide an important source of nutrition throughout the year, particularly during the nesting season and the colder months when birds need to maintain their fat levels. As well as feeding from a suet ball feeder no net suet balls can be fed on the ground, on a bird table or crumbled and added to other food.


Harrisons suet balls no net 6 pack

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