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Pedigree Senior CIL (6Pk) 400g

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After years of research, we believe that a healthy and tasty meal comes from good, naturally delicious ingredients. That?s why our recipes include fresh meat that has not been treated or frozen first, to give your dog quality nutrition and superb taste everyday. As a dog gets older, his metabolism changes. The food you feed him during this time can make a real difference to your dogs health during his senior years. Pedigree® Senior 8+ gives your senior dog all the essential nutrients he needs for a long, healthy life Ingredients Contains a specific combination of natural ingredients, including Omega 3 fatty acids, known to help keep joints healthy so helping to maintain joint mobility of older dogs. Contains a blend of selected natural fibres from wheat and sugar beet pulp to help support good gut health. Contains a blend of antioxidant vitamin and minerals that help support natural defences and contribute to a long and healthy life.


Pedigree Senior CIL (6Pk) 400g

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