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Urinaid tablets pack 60

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Urinaid canine urinary supplement tablets for dogs are highly palatable. Lower urinary tract infections are quite common in dogs and certain conditions can increase this occuring. Urinaid is specially formulated to help aid management by displacing bacteria from the attachment site on the urinary wall. It is best to be given beforer a meal. The administration is given depending on the dogs weight. Dogs weighing 2-9kg 1 tablet required, 10-19kg 1 1/2 tablets required, 20-29kg – 2 tablets required, >30kg 3 tablets required


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Urinaid tablets pack 60

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Urinaid Canine Urinary Supplement Tablets for Dogs is a highly palatable nutritional canine urinary supplement. Urinaid is specifically formulated to help aid management of these disorders by displacing bacteria from attachment sites on the urinary wall. A complementary feed for dogs to help to improve urinary tract health. For optimum results feed before meals as directed below or as advised by your veterinary surgeon. Urinaid administration: Dogs weight: 10 to 19kg 1 1/2 tablets daily, 20 to 29kg 2 tablets daily, >30kg 3 tablets daily. Daily intake can be increased if required. For optimum results feed before meals.