Registered Charity 225575

Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch

Halloween Eco Balloon Race

Venue: Dracula's Castle, Transylvania

Date & Time: 31/10/2020 17:00 - 18:00

EcoRacing virtual balloon races raise money in a uniquely fun way!

Win great prizes

100% eco-friendly - no animals or birds killed, plus no litter

Not gambling, lots of fun

Google balloon tracking

You can 'buy' a balloon for just £3, decorate it and track it as it virtually travels for 7 days over Translyvania at Halloween!!

To sign up and get your balloon, please visit: and click on 'Buy Balloons for You' 

You will then be able to set up your account and customise your balloon to give you the best chance of winning!

Here is the information about your balloon and how it all works:


You will need to Sign in to go direct to your personal dashboard.

On the left under Recently Supported you will see the cause(s) you’ve chosen. There are three yellow buttons. Click [ View / decorate / track ] to display your balloons and click on them individually to decorate. Remember to save all your design and parameter changes - the [ Save changes ] button is at the bottom of the page.


When on your dashboard you can ‘customise’ each balloon by changing various parameters - balloon helium contents; shape; thickness of rubber.
Reflecting real life, virtual balloons just like latex ones, can pop if the balloon parameters are not suited to the weather. For example, maximising helium content, having the fastest shape and thinnest rubber during stormy weather is not advisable. So, looking at the predicted weather for your race period prior to customisation helps your chances of winning.


At the designated race launch time and at any time thereafter, you can see the virtual launch sequence on the race homepage. You do not need to login, just go to the Race Page and click on [ launch visual ].

Balloons are subject to a simulated flight pattern based on your balloon’s individual flight parameters plus the real weather conditions at that actual time such as the prevailing wind speed and current temperature. This simulation uses an advanced computer modelling programme linked to Google maps and, Aeris, a commercial global weather data supplier.

The leading 100 Balloons

All 100 race leading balloons can be seen at any time 24/7 during the race. Information shown includes the straight-line distance travelled in kilometres from the launch point, plus the balloon’s latitude and longitude.
The button [ race leaders ] is found just above the race map on the Race page.

Your Balloons

To locate and track your balloons, Sign in and go to your dashboard.
On the left under Recently Supported you will see the cause(s) you’ve chosen. There are three yellow buttons. Click [ view / decorate / track ] to display your balloons. Click on them individually to see their tracking on Google Maps and satellites.

If ranked outside the top100, a ranking of 100+ will be displayed.

All races are 7 days in duration and the winning balloon is the one that has flown the furthest, as measured in a straight line from the launch location. Note that a popped / burst balloon can still win if the wind direction changes and sends the still-flying balloons backwards in a reverse direction.
The winner will be emailed with confirmation that they have won the race and with details of how to contact the organiser to arrange receiving their prize.