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Babs and Elsie’s Doggy Blog!

Tuesday 13th November 2018

Baby Elsie is starting to wander around. She is now 10 days old. Her eyes are still shut but we are expecting them to open in the next couple of days.

Hopefully we will be able to get some better photos of her when she begins to be more mobile.

Barbara will eventually be able to be adopted on our Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme EARS. If you are interested in Barbara we would love to hear from you!

Above is Elsie having her afternoon feed


Friday 9th November 2018

Babs and Elsie are settling well and Babs is doing great at feeding and nursing, we would like to share a couple of pictures with you so you can see how Elsie is growing.

Dont forget that Babs is available for Foster with a view to adopt along with Elsie until she is old enough to be rehomed herself.

For more information please contact the animal Centre, or visit our dogs for adoption page






We thought you would like to know that Babs and Baby Elsie are doing very well. She is a very good mum and recovering nicely from her caesarean.

We have some good news to share. Babs will be available to be reserved from this weekend. She will not be able to be adopted though but she can go on foster with a view to adopt as long as the new adopter has the right environment and is willing to look after baby Elsie until she is 8 weeks old and ready to re home.

Because Barbara is nursing and has been through quite an ordeal, we are looking for a quiet home with no other dogs or young children. Ideally she will not be left for longer than 4 hours and will need a very secure garden.

While on foster the Branch will pay for food and veterinary care and will also provide support

If any of our supporters would like to help with Babs expenses we would be grateful for any donations of puppy food as this is what she is now eating.

The Branch is always looking for foster homes so if this is an area of volunteering that you can help us with please read our foster information page.





Hi, Babs and puppy are doing very well, They are both now back at the centre and recovering well. Thought you may like to see the latest picture of them snuggled together.





We are very excited to announce the birth of Babs Baby!
Babs had a tough time and had to have a caesarean. Sadly we did lose one pup but the surviving pup is doing well, she is feeding well and Babs is proving to be a wonderful mum. ????





Babs is showing signs of imminent birth so she is unable to chat today, she is currently quite restless and nesting, we will keep you posted on any news.

Ruby, who is one of Babs friend is currently unwell she has poorly chest and still waiting for her dental however her antibiotics are delaying this and she may have to go for a chest x-ray. The funding for Babs and friends medical treatment is all thanks to our Twilight members who donate monthly to our Elderly animals, all money donated through twilight is seperately allocated to our oldies so you can be assured that every penny donated will go towards helping dogs like little Ruby.

if you would like more information on our Twilight scheme please click here.

Good news with some of her other little friends, they will be on the website tonight for rehoming so keep an eye out for them







Hi Everyone

I wanted to let you know some good news!  Ruby and Ada are going to be rehomed on the EARS Scheme ( Elderly Animal Re homing Scheme) as they are both over 10 years.

This means that they will both be able to go out on foster and I have also heard that the centre has a list of potential EARS adopters waiting-so who knows they may soon have a family of their very own!

The vet says that I am also an older lady so that means that I can be adopted on this Scheme too. I just need to hurry up and give birth!

Hopefully someone will have joined the Scheme and will be waiting for me when the time comes?

Below are some photos of Ruby                                                                and Ada



Yappy Moanday everyone!!!

Well I still haven’t given birth although the vet saw me today and thinks it could be anytime now!!!

Beryl and Wilma have just come back from their very first doggy day out. They felt a bit nervous at first but soon started to chillax.

Its all very new for us as we have always been used to being with 52 doggy friends mainly kept indoors. I am so jealous that my pals have had chance to play in a garden and get snuggles. Still I know my time will come.

Staff have told me that we have lots of lovely Dogs Day out members who will look after my friends for a day. Sharon, Flossy and Ada are now also being allowed to play out so I expect the DDO team will be very busy looking after us all.

Here are some pictures of Wilma and Beryl relaxing on their dog’s day out.





Hi guys, 


Sorry it's taken me a few days to update you all with my blog, we've been really busy after finding out my exciting news amongst all the vet trips too! 

The staff think I could be ready to birth at any moment now - they're doing such a wonderful job looking after me!

Wilma, Beryl, Sharon and Flossy are all super lucky, the staff have arranged for them to go on trips out with nice families for the day! It's called the Dogs Day Out scheme and somebody is taking Wilma  and Beryl out tomorrow! I hope I'll be able to have a day out soon. The staff said the scheme is really helpful for them to learn more about each of us in a home/family environment and it gives us a nice break from the kennels too. You can find out more about it by clicking HERE.

Ada is going on foster next week after she has been to the groomers for a bath and pamper session!


That's all for now folks, I'll be back in touch soon....

Wags and paws,



Here's me getting comfy in my bed and Ada looking excited to go to her foster home! 


Happy Wednesday everybody,


Babs here again. First of all, I'd like to say a huge thank you to all you amazing hoomans out there for donating to our centre and helping to raise the funds needed for all of our vet care, we're so lucky to have supporters like you! 

Here's a picture of Flossie & Wilma at the vets, just before they went in for a dental, an ear flush and their spay. 

It turned out that Flossie has begun to develop pyometra (a very serious uterus infection, that needs to be dealt with urgently or it can be fatal!) luckily the vet noticed and Flossie will be ok after her surgery now - but it could have been a totally different story, I'm so glad my friend Flossie is ok! The staff here at the centre said that's why it's so important to have your dog spayed, not just in regards to breeding but to prevent pyometra too. 

I heard the vet say that all of the care we need will be approximately £400... per dog! There are 7 of us in total, so the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford branch will have to spend £3500 just on our vet treatment  ... they're so kind to us here but this is why we're also so grateful to everyone who has donated and shared my blog to help cover the cost of our care. 

The good news is that after Flossie & Wilmas dental, the vets were able to re-age them from 8 years old down to 3 years old - wahoo! *wags tail* Some of my friends (and me) are much older than this though, so if anyone could donate some tasty senior food/complete senior food for us, that would be great, as this is very expensive for the centre to afford. 

Ahh well, time to get back in my comfy bed, the staff making lots of preparations for my birth, I have a heat lamp too and it's total luxury, so I might have a little snooze now :) take a look at my scan pics below....


Ta Ta for now everyone...

Paws, licks and wags,





Hi guys!

I hope you've had a nice weekend, I'm still being looked after really well here at the centre and I have some really exciting news!

Remember when I said that Ed the vet was a little concerned about my thickened waistline? ... Well it turns out, I'm pregnant! It's very exciting but as I'm a little older the staff are going to have to give me lots and lots of care and look after all of my friends who need very extensive dental work.... it's all going to be incredibly expensive for the charity - but they're determined to make sure I get the best care possible for me and my puppies and that we all get our teeth sorted out and that we're happy, healthy and painfree....then we can find our forever homes! (*Wags Tail*)

The vets sent some pictures over of our bad teeth, poorly ears and the bad matting Flossy has, as you can see, we all need lots of care.. but we're definitely in the right place! 

Thank you to all your lovely hoomans who support the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford branch. Dogs like me and my friends wouldn't have this amazing centre to help us get back on our feet if it wasn't for wonderful people like you! We're so grateful to you and all of the staff for looking after us... I dread to think what would've happened if we weren't rescued...


Well thats me signing off for now but I'll be back with another blog soon.... <3


Woofs & Wags,






Hi everyone, 


Babs here again, I thought I'd better get my paws on this keyboard and update you with what me and my friends have been up to here at the centre! 

We're getting loads of love and care here from the hoomans and they took us to see the vet today, to give us a proper health check... the vet was called Ed and he was really nice! 

We're all ok but he's said that our teeth aren't very good so we're going to need lots of dental work! I'm a bit worried but I know the staff here are just making sure we're all happy and healthy. Ed said that he thinks I'm the oldest out of us all at 12... but I don't think I look a day over 8. It might be quite a while before any of us are ready for adoption but it's not all bad as we really like it here already!

Ed also said that he's a little concerned that I have a thickened waistline, so I'm going to have a scan tomorrow to check up on my tummy. I'll be sure to let you know how I get on. :)

Anyway, I'm going to go now but here's some photos of my friends Wilma and Sharon, we're all settling in really well now and they wanted to say hello too! Bye for now...



Tail wags and sloppy kisses,






Hi everyone,


My names Babs, I just arrived here at the centre with lots of my friends. A lovely inspector brought us here, as we weren't getting the correct care in our previous home. We were from a mulit-dog household you see. 

We've all been quite stressed but the staff here seem really lovely! Theyre going to get us checked over by the vet and have promised they'll give us lots of walks and treats... so I guess it isn't too bad after all!

Here's a picture of me when I first arrived... I was a bit scared there but I'm a lot more settled now.


Ooh, better go - one of the lovely hoomans is going to take me for a walk and they've got lots of treats for me too, so I don't want to miss out. 


I'll be sure to keep updating my blog, so keep checking back! 

Bye for now....


Licks, wags and nose boops,



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