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Can you help us with Hannah's Operation?


Can you help us care for a very special girl in urgent need of vet treatment?

Meet Hannah, this poor girl arrived at our centre on October 31st 2019 in a bad condition. On entry she was very nervous and wary of staff for her first 2 weeks here, but with gentle encouragement she quickly came round and bonded very quickly with our Animal Care Assistants.

Hannah was taken for a vet check as soon as she arrived and upon her first examination, we found she had incredibly sore ears, whilst also suffering from a very painful eye condition called Entropion. This condition is quite common with Hannahs breed (Shar Pei) and her ear the infection had become very severe by the time Hannah reached us. Entropion is a condition which causes the eyelashes to in grow, causing Hannah extreme pain and discomfort.

We quickly arranged for Hannah to have Entropion eye surgery while getting her ears flushed at the same time - to a cost of £300. We were delighted that Hannahs eye surgery went well, but on further examination we found that her ears were in a much more severe condition than originally believed. Hannah was put on steroids and numerous ear drops, but we were told that surgery for her ears was needed and Hannahs first surgery took place in January of this year on her right ear (this was called a Lateral Wall Resection) costing the centre around £600.



Upon further check-ups of both ears , we were told that there were chronic changes and she would now require a total left ear canal ablation (TECA). At this point the COVID-19 Pandemic had hit the country and our vets were unable to accept Hannah in for surgery as it was classed as non-emergency. The charity was also under severe financial strain and uncertainty, and we were devastated to learn that the surgery would cost a further £2500.

In the meantime, our Animal Care staff have been maintaining Hannahs steroids and various ear drops to keep her comfortable but were in urgent need of your support to be able to arrange Hannahs surgery as soon as possible.

Hannah cant be rehomed until she has received her TECA surgery. This can be quite a painful procedure and her recovery would not be suited to a kennel environment. We have placed her into a foster home where she can settle before and after the operation and were pleased to say she is happy and doing well. We hope to proceed with Hannahs surgery as soon as possible, but we need your help.

Our charity funds are currently under a serious amount of strain due to the COVID-19 pandemic but we want to help this beautiful and brave girl get on the road to recovery and find her the loving forever home she deserves so much.

Any contribution will help us to help Hannah, however large or small. Please visit Hannahs Just Giving page here if you would like help. If youre unable to make a contribution, please consider sharing this. Thank you so much for reading Hannahs story and for your ongoing support.

Thank you,

RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford Branch.


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