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Did you see us on ITV's This Morning?


We're Famous!!

Did you see us on This Morning with Peter Purves? We were so lucky to have been chosen as one of the animal charities featured on the Perfect Pups segments on This Morning.

Perfect Pups was a four part report on the different ways Animal Rescues help find new homes for dogs and also the 'behind the scenes' process charities do in the run up to an adopter choosing a dog to join their family.

Our Perfect Pups Piece focused on our Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme (EARS) and Dog 's Day Out Scheme. Both were invented by our Branch and we're very proud of them and the benefits they create for the dogs in our care.

Peter Purves had a tour around our Animal Centre and met the staff and volunteers before fiilming commenced on Friday 10th January. Peter then interviewed Branch Staff and also one of our EARS members Edna with her dog Beatrix. Some of you may remember Beatrix as she came into our care after an awful incident of being thrown from a moving car in Bradford. Luckily she was brought in to our Centre where we treated her injuries, cared for her and found her a fabulous new home with Edna.

Next Peter interviewed one of our Dogs Day Out Volunteers Jennifer. Jennifer explained the benefits of taking a dog out/home for the day - whiich was not only beneficial for the dog, but for her too. The Dog's Day Out is our newest scheme and if you are interested in joining the Scheme, please visit:

Overall it was a fantastic experience for us and we do hope you all watched when it was on!

If not, you may still be able to watch on ITV Catch Up/On Demand - our episode aired on Thursday 16th January at 10.45am 




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