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Enter our Virtual Pet Show from your own home!


We might not be able to host our annual events and dog shows until much later in the year... but we don't want you and your pets to miss out, so we're bringing the show to your living room!

For the first time EVER we're running our online virtual pet show... a chance for all your amazing animals to get a turn in the spotlight and be in with the chance to win rosettes and prizes posted straight to your door!


We want to see your pets showing off in the following classes....

Class 1: Cutest Pet on Camera (Photo and Video entries allowed)
All pets/animals included - show us your cutest pose or video!

Class 2: Funniest Pet on Camera (Photo and Video entries allowed)
Is your pet always making you laugh? We want to see!

Class 3: My Pets Got Talent (Photo and Video entries allowed)
Can your dog catch treats, can your cat do a spin ... perhaps your lizard can roll over?! Show us those talented pets on photo or video.

Class 4: Most Bonkers Pet (Photo and Video entries allowed)
Pets are bonkers and it's why we love them... show us your pets quirks, whether it's pulling faces, zooming around the house or something we've never seen before!

Class 5: Best Bark/Best Purr (Video entries allowed)
Calling all pets with the perfect purr or the bestest bark... we even want to hear the cutest chirps or squeeakiest Guineas... all pets included - get filming guys!

Class 6: Waggiest Tail (Video entries allowed)
Canine owners, we need you to get those bottoms wiggling, did somebody mention treats!?

Class 7: Best Pet Selfie (Photo and Video entries allowed)
Is your pet ready for their close up? Everyone loves a selfie, pets included, post away to win!

Class 8: My Perfect Family Pic (Photo entries allowed)
If your not a selfie fan but you love a family photo with your pet as much as we do, then post your perfect family snap of you all together... this one is a favourite of ours

Class 9: WILDCARD (Photo and Video entries allowed)
Perhaps your pet does something that's not on this list and you need to share your video.... Or you have a photo that the world deserves to see but it doesn't quite fit in to any category? Well, you will love out Wildcard category - any entry can be made photo or video!

All entries (per photo or per video) cost £1.50 (per class).
To enter please pay your entry fee via:


We will also require you to post your entry on to this event page only (please don't send via messenger as they will not be entered) and state how you have paid your entry fee, which class you've entered and yours and your pets name.

We can't wait to see your amazing pet pics and vids and wish you all lots of luck. Each category will have a 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place chance of winning. 1st place winners will their official RSPCA rosette in the post when we have decided our finalists and 2nd and 3rd place will win official digital rosette/certificates.

Entry opening and closing time: Saturday March 20th 5pm - Saturday April 3rd 5pm - winners will be announced and contacted the following Monday via Facebook.

- Your image must be your own, you must own the rights to the image.
- Your entry must be created by yourself and not by a professional - this can be done on your own personal camera/phone/webcam.
- All entries must include the information requested: How payment has been made, which class you have entered and yours and your pets name, for us to be able to accept it as an official entry. If payment is not received your entry will not be considered.
- Staff at the RSPCA will choose our winners and this will be announced via Facebook on Monday April 5th with winners being contacted from their profile.
- We reserve the right to adjust event rules at any time if we feel the competition is being made unfair.
-Entrants must be Aged 12 and over.

Thank you and best of luck to all you lovely humans and pets! Please get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

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