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Guinea Pig Awareness Week


We are celebrating Guinea Pig Awareness Week from 22nd – 28th March to help raise awareness of just how wonderful Guinea Pigs can be as pets and companions.  

Guinea Pigs are amazing, little creatures but there are still quite a few common misconceptions about how to keep Guinea Pigs happy and healthy. For example; Guinea Pigs are sociable pets that should always live with another piggy (but if mixing sexes - they need to be neutered), they only sleep for around 4 hours a day, so a large space is needed for them to play and run (minimum of 4ft x 2ft) and these natural herbivore foragers require lots of hidey holes and hidden-treat games to keep them stimulated and healthy

We are also hosting a Guinea pig Photo Competition to give pet owners the chance to show off their beautiful ‘piggies’!

Do you have a guinea pig who you think could win the competition?

For details and to upload your photo, please visit:  or head over to:


Here are some wonderful stories from supporters who recently adopted Gunea Pigs from us:

When I was a little girl - and even now - I wanted to be like Dr Doolittle and talk to the animals! I’ve always been animal mad and just love animals. Everyone should have a pet to teach them about love, caring and responsibility. 

I’ve always had a pet, be it a hamster, rabbit, dog and of course the lovely, cute, intelligent and gorgeous guinea pig! (A pet goat is still on my wish list ??)

Having the honour of being the Mayor of Kirklees 2018-2019 we had the most fantastic opportunity to meet the wonderful Lauren & Fay at the Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District RSPCA. It very quickly became obvious that this Local Branch of the RSPCA had to be one of my chosen charities to support. What an incredible year Ken and I shared with you! 

We both knew that after our Mayoral year we needed to keep our close relationship with you going and so we were absolutely over the moon in October 2020 to be invited to become Trustees! 

Everyone was very aware of my love of guinea pigs. On October 31st 2020 whilst at the Animal Centre supporting the fundraising stall, Lauren kindly informed me that there was some baby guinea pigs just born. My immediate response was “I’ll take two please!” as Ken just shook his as he knew he couldn’t argue! I quickly filled in my adoption form and excitedly started to plan for the arrival of these amazing additions to our family! 

Following advice from David, our guinea pig residence was built and approved. Now we just had to wait. But what names could we have? 

At the end of January 2021 we got the call! Pru was ready to join us but her brother Matt would arrive a couple of weeks after (needed his bits and bobs sorting first ??) I immediately fell in love with her name. It was so obvious! Ken and I have a narrow boat and enjoy watching Great Canal Journeys. So Pru and Tim were perfect names! On Wednesday February 3rd we warmly welcomed the most cute little Pru and on Thursday February 18th our family was complete as we warmly welcomed Tim. He’s massive compared to little cutie Pru! A real handsome hunk with his quirky little quiff! 


Domino and Nessie

Guinea Pig Awareness Week is such a great idea and your passion for trying to promote better standards of care for these beautiful little beings was so uplifting to hear. Indeed, raising people’s awareness of the social, practical and health needs of guinea pigs is so important as I think they are a specie of animal whose needs are so often overlooked. 

All the piggies live together uncaged indoors in my box room (Domino is neutered, of course), and they have lots of room and different shelters to sit under. There is also a food and drink station in one part of the room, their room has central heating for when it’s cold and it also has a window that can be opened for fresh air. The window has wooden blinds to protect them from the sun and heat in warm and sunny weather. I try to  practise good husbandry by cleaning out their room every day and making sure they have good quality fresh food every day, as well as the guinea pig nuggets (Burgess), hay and fresh water.

They enjoy treats from time to time, such as the compressed hay balls and nibble sticks, and they enjoy enrichment, usually with old cardboard boxes...I’m always on the look out for new ideas though!  In the nice dry weather when it’s warm enough they have play sessions in the garden on the grassed area.

I have a lovely close bond with my piggies and their trust in me is humbling. They bring me so much joy and are such a big part of my life. I’ve looked after piggies for the past 20 years or so and learnt a lot, but there’s always something new to learn to better cater for their needs and enrich their lives!

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