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Paddy the Blind Pup


Paddy the blind collie pup had his vet appointment and we're happy to say it's good news!

Although this adorable collie boy won't ever be able to see, the vet told us that Paddy has most likely suffered from an infection as a new born puppy that wasn't dealt with and that he probably has never had use of his eyes - but this isn't causing him any pain or discomfort. 

We were also happy to find out that the bulge in his right eye is just damaged tissue and surgery is unnecessary unless it is something Paddy's future owners would like to do.

This all means that very soon Paddy will be available for adoption and no further treatment is required!

He will soon be ready live out a happy life in his future forever home.

Paddy arrived to us from a puppy farm, so we're delighted that we've been able to provide him with the veterinary attention he required and give him the happy ending he deserves

We will keep you up to date with Paddy and his journey and thank you to everyone for their support for this gorgeous boy so far!

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