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What, Not Adopt A Staffie?

Why Not Adopt a Staffie?
We know that with the right owners, Staffies can be beautifully behaved dogs yet most people who come to our Centre want 'anything but a Staffie.'
Adopters who do want Staffies are normally people who have previously owned them and know what fantastic dogs they are.
While they may be perceived as rough and tough, in reality Staffordshire Bull Terriers are anything but. In fact, due to their gentle behavior and affinity with children they are often referred to as the 'nanny dog.'
Here at the Halifax and Huddersfield RSPCA we love staffies and do our best to promote the breed. All our dogs are thoroughly assessed and a temperament test is done by our behaviorist where the dogs are put through their paces and we decide what type of home they are suitable to live in.
If you are considering adopting a dog please don't dismiss the staffie.
We have 2 staffies needing homes
Rocky-featured in the photo on the front of the web -Aged 3 years brought in by the Inspectors after being abandonned at a property
and Tag a 1 year old female who came to us as part of a cruelty case- see the photo below.

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