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Rearguard Rabbit

Rearguard Rabbit

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Rearguard solution helps prevent fly strike in rabbits

Rearguard helps prevent blowfly strike on domestic rabbits with the effect lasting up to 10 weeks. It is important that blowfly are kept

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Dosage and administration
Rearguard comes supplied ready-to-use in a bottle with built-in applicator sponge. Gently depress the sponge to break the valve before applying. Apply the product using the sponge applicator, ensuring that the rabbit fur is thoroughly wetted with the solution from the middle of the back to the tip of the tail. Ensure that the entire bottle is applied. Special attention should be paid to the areas under the tail and between the back legs. Do not allow the product to run off the animal. Discard any unused product after application. Rabbits should be first treated in early summer before any flies are seen. Rearguard will not kill adult maggots but works by preventing any eggs laid by flies developing. Rabbits should be treated at 8-10 week intervals under conditions of repeated blowfly challenge. Rearguard does not repel flies but it will prevent any maggots from forming and damaging the animal. If the rabbit is continually attractive to flies, this may be due to an underlying disease e.g. diarrhoea or incontinence, or a lack of hygiene within its housing. In such cases further advice should be sought from your veterinary surgeon. In cases of existing flystrike, adult maggots should be removed by mechanical means and appropriate supportive treatment given. Rearguard should then be applied to the fur to prevent development of new larvae and re-strike.
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