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Yumove Dog Chewable Tablets

Yumove Dog Chewable Tablets

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YUMOVE supplies your dog with all the key nutrients required for healthy joints. It has been specifically developed to support your dog's joint health and has everything it needs in a single sup

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Triple Strength Green Lipped Mussel - a source of concentrated unique Omega 3, that is proven to alleviate stiff joints and improve joint comfort.

Green Lipped Mussel contains a unique Omega 3 called ETA that is known to soothe stiff joints. One of the main reasons YUMOVE is fast-acting is the presence of these key active oils.


Hyaluronic Acid - Synovial fluid is the cushioning fluid in dog joints which helps to lubricate them during movement, as well as cushioning against impact. Hyaluronic acid is a major part of this.

Triple Strength Green Lipped Mussel - a rich, natural source of minerals, amino acids and glycosaminoglycans. Provides support to joint, tendon and ligament health, aiding your dog's flexibility and mobility.

Vitamins C & E - vital for active and working dogs. As your dog exercises, it produces more free radicals which can cause problems over time without the presence of vitamins C & E. The vitamins help to maintain joint mobility by neutralising these free radicals.


Pure Glucosamine - YUMOVE contains veterinary strength Glucosamine HCl providing a more concentrated joint support.

Natural Chondroitin - YUMOVE is rich in natural Chondroitin Sulphate from Green Lipped Mussel. This plays a vital role in the prevention of the breakdown of your dog's joint cartilage.

Manganese - proven to support your dog's tendons and ligaments


YUMOVE comes as a tasty tablet, so you can give it to your dog whenever you like. Provide it with a meal or simply by hand; whatever works best for you and your dog.

Small breeds (up to 15kg) - 1 tablet
Medium breeds (16-30kg) - 2 tablets
Large breeds (31 -45kg) - 3 tablets
Very large breeds (over 45kg) - 4 tablets


"Merlin likes the taste - he thinks they are treats which is a big bonus! It's very difficult trying to get him to take tablets." - Hazel Parkes

Each tablet contains:

Glucosamine HCl# 250mg

Green Lipped Mussel * 150mg

Hyaluronic Acid 1.5mg

Manganese 3mg

Vitamin C 12.5mg

Vitamin E 0.5mg

# Glucosamine HCl is the purest form available (99.8% pure)

* Green Lipped Mussel provides natural Chondrotin, unique Omega 3's (including ETA) and is a rich source of glycosaminoglycans, amino acids and minerals