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A foster carer provides invaluable support

Would you like to become a foster parent and join our fantastic team?

Every year, approximately 1000 animals are admitted to our Animal Centre. Most animals are able to be put up for rehoming straight away, but this is not always the case. 

Foster homes  are needed for a variety of reasons.



Raising a family can be stressful, but being in a cat pen or kennel is much worse. No privacy or peace and quiet. Kittens or puppies need to be with their mum until they are 8 weeks old. 

If pregnant or nursing cats and dogs are in a foster home, this helps the animal by relieving stress, and helps us to accommodate many other needy animals.

Orphaned Litters

We occasionally have puppies and kittens brought into us, which are not quite old enough to be rehomed, but have been weaned from their mum. Youngsters benefit from being in foster, as this helps to socialise them with people, possibly other animals and home sounds e.g. television, vacuum cleaner etc.


Some of our animals have been involved in road accidents.Foster homes can provide a quiet environment for recuperating cats and dogs.

The most common injuries involve fractures to the legs and pelvis.


Some adult cats and dogs can become stressed by the change of environment. Others may need help with toilet training etc.


The RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch Animal Centre is proud of its scheme for rehoming elderly cats and dogs. 

Elderly cats or dogs 10 years plus are placed into a foster home until a permanent home is found.

What will it cost you?

No cost is involved in becoming a fosterer, all equipment you may need e.g. food, leads, bowls, beds etc will be provided by the Centre. All medical treatment and advice will also be provided by the Animal Centre.  All we ask is for spare room, spare time and spare love, to care for our needy animals.

What are the rewards?

Safe knowledge that you have helped an animal in its time of need until a new caring home is found.

Affection from the animal you are caring for.

What is the next step?

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, you will be asked to complete an application to foster. A home visit will then be carried out, and the type of animal you are interested in helping will be recorded e.g. Pregnant, elderly etc. After your successful home visit, you will be added to the fostering list and you will be contacted when an animal is in need of your care

We understand that people go away for a break, and we don’t expect you to arrange care for the animal whilst you are away. Please inform the Animal Centre of any holidays, so that we can make arrangements for any animal you may have on foster.

What a difference a fosterer makes!!-A day in the life of a foster carer.

"Dawn and I have been fostering cats for the RSPCA for nearly 6 years. The reason we started it was that as animal lovers we wanted a cat. Unfortunately we live on a very busy road and the thought of losing a pet to a traffic accident put us off from owning one outright.

A good option was to foster. As the cat must not be let out whilst on foster it seemed an ideal way to get the company and joy of a pet. The RSPCA supply all the equipment needed we just supply the love and care to the cats.

It is amazing the joy you can get out of a cat even one you do not own, and with queens and kittens, the pleasure of watching them develop into young lovable adoption ready pets is a great pleasure. It is not all joy as there can be occasions where a great deal of anxiety is caused if the tiny ones do get sick. The support from the RSPCA and their appointed vets helps to make the odd occasions bearable as they are there when you need them. On one occasion we had two feral type kittens that had been dumped in a plastic bag and bit and scratched every time we went near them. These with patience and care and love turned out to be two wonderful fluffy bundles of fun making the whole experience so worthwhile.

Perhaps even a greater joy is gained from fostering elderly cats. To see the old ‘uns perhaps suffering from some trauma due to the loss of previous owner slowly get their confidence and lovable nature back is a joy indeed. A lot of time is needed to coax the older cats out of hiding places they seem to find and to get used to their new environment. But the rewards of having people coming to view the cats after a few weeks then giving them a permanent home for their remaining years is wonderful.

Whichever type of fostering anyone decides on the rewards are absolutely amazing and we intend to carry on for as long as possible, even if sometimes it is hard to have to say goodby to the cats when they go!!!"

Tony & Dawn


If you would like to become a fosterer please fill out the application form below and return to the RSPCA Animal Centre, Wade Street, Halifax, HX1 1SN or email it to

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