Blog #1 – Suzie & the pups

Meet Suzie, an adorable Chihuahua/Terrier cross, who arrived at our Centre heavily pregnant, on 13th March. Due to Suzie’s condition, we realised we urgently needed to place her in a foster home. A kennel environment just wouldn’t be fair and she would of course need round-the-clock care due to her condition…. It’s a good job one of our incredible foster carers stepped up to save the day, as that evening Suzie gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies!

Unfortunately, 2 of the pups were stillborn but the other 4 are all in good health and are feeding well with new Mum Suzie! We’re unsure of what breed the puppies Dad may be but we suspect anything from a Terrier to a Labrador! However, we won’t be able to tell until they’re a little bit older. Mum and pups are receiving the best care possible right now and our dedicated Training & Behaviour advisor, Yeli Williams has developed a tailored training plan to help each puppy grow up confidently, safely and healthily along with Suzie too. We’re currently focusing on early stimulation handling – this has been shown to help build confidence in pups by exposing them to very mild levels of handling early on as they are held in different positions, keeping mum calm and happy, whilst making sure all pups are feeding well.

Of course, these little cuties aren’t yet available for adoption but we thought our supporters might want to keep up to date with Suzie and her pups as they mature in our care. You’ll be able to follow the blog on our socials and website,each Thursday for a new update… who doesn’t want to see puppies after all?!

If you would like to support the puppies whilst they’re in our care, you can purchase important items for them from our Pet Of The Month section, or simply make a donation here. As a local and self-funding branch of the RSPCA, your support literally keeps us going and without you, we wouldn’t be able to help Suzie or her puppies. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your unwavering support!

Here are some pictures of Suzie when she first arrived and with her beautiful new born pups! Come back next Thursday for more Suzie and puppy goodness!


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