EARS Gone but not forgotten

In loving memory of the many Elderly Animal Rehoming Scheme pets who have now crossed the rainbow bridge…


Honey Haddon

Agatha Frances

Angelica Clegg

Snowball Drake

Laya Wormald

Smudge Stephenson

Alfie Holdsworth

Prince Greenwood

Charlie Holmes

Chica Foster

Pudding Grey

Geri Brown


Tom Whitlock

Ethel Graham

Robert Procter

Thomas Smith

Max Whiteley

Muphy Abernethy

Heidi Robertshaw

TJ Jackson

Tilly Wade

Sammy Healey

Poppy Poole

Valentino Patterson

Katya Loughnane

Amber Elliot

Jackie Hamer Robinson

Bat Phipps

Smokie Bailey

Felicity Pedley

Katie Lowe

Tibby Eagleton

Conway Laird

Leo Brook

Max Schofield

Kirk Campbell

Dolly Brown

Stella Hebson

Casper Bagheri

Kandy Benyon

Katie Whittaker

Domi Horsfall

Braken Cooper

Jeanie Ramsden

Scampi Moks

Buddy Smith

Tanya Almgill

Brambles Shaw


Ada Martens

Wookie Kershaw

Tikka Netherwood

Lilly Shearn

Suzie Harris

Willow Speakman

Tess Hood

Charlie Darwin

Angus Melnyk

Megan Williams

Feebie Atkinson

Sheba Gledhill

Sooty Sanderson

Lady Winn

Lucy Wray

Queenie Sweeny

Muffy Wildman

Murphy Isles

Samson Malley

Luna Wormald

Bess Lomas

Toby Barlow

Trevor Ward

Magic Bamforth

Luna Ball

Brandy Bowers

Tiggy Nettleton

Jake Mackenzie

Chilli Crabtree

Ruby Harris

Terry Cook

Charlie Nursey

Harold Ackernley

Whispy Ackernley

Bonnie Hollings

Sarah Naylor

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