Can you help us with Precious’ £791 veterinary costs?

Poor Precious arrived in our care on Valentine’s Day, with extremely sore and itchy skin– causing her extreme discomfort and leaving her with painful and irritated pink patches across her body.

This affectionate 8-year-old lady had already received 2 weeks of care at a fabulous RSPCA Hospital in Manchester – but still needed lots of TLC to get her comfortable and well enough to find a loving forever home.

As soon as she was admitted in to our care, we arranged for Precious to have immediate blood tests and full allergy bloods, to hopefully find the cause of her skin irritations. We’re delighted to report that these tests successfully identified many of Precious’ allergy triggers …and she’s been doing great on her new daily medications which are keeping her itchiness/soreness at bay! Precious is benefitting from a little wipe with a damp towel after she returns from her walkies too.

We’re so pleased we’ve managed to discover the main causes of Precious’ skin problems and that we can finally alleviate her pain and discomfort. However, all of this veterinary care comes at a s steep cost, a cost of £791.18 to our local and self-funding RSPCA branch.

Precious is of course, worth every single penny….but as the rising cost of living continues to cause major financial strain to our charity, we would be so grateful for any contributions towards her care. Any donations, no matter how big or small, will help to make sure we can always be there for animals like Precious, who desperately need us. If you can’t donate, why not share this post and help our gorgeous lady find the loving, new forever home she truly deserves?

Even after all she has been through, Precious is a wonderful girl with a great attitude towards life and she just loves a good cuddle! Our staff and fosterer have fallen head-over-heels in love with her and we know you will too!  So, if you would be interested in opening your heart and home to Precious, we would love to hear from you! She will require an owner who will be able to manage her allergies and regular prescriptions, to ensure she is comfortable and pain-free. Precious gets on well with other dogs, so could love with another canine companion. She is also fully house-trained and settles well at night time. Click here to find out more about the type of home Precious requires/ to fill in an online adoption form visit:. To donate towards Precious’ care visit:




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