It’s World Rat Day! 4.4.23

We love World Rat Day here at the RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford, as it gives us a chance to celebrate how amazing these gorgeous little creatures really are and try to challenge the stigma that rats wrongly suffer with. Here’s 5 interesting facts about our furry friends, you may not have known….

1.Contrary to popular belief, rats are actually incredibly clean animals. Washing over 6 times a day

2. Rats have an incredible memory and are able to recognise faces of people they’ve seen before!

3.Rats are very social creatures and get very depressed without a regular companion. If you’re thinking of getting a pet rat, be sure to get them a buddy to live with. Why not check out Luna & Venus, who are currently looking for their forever home together?

4.Rats are ticklish and giggle when you rub their tummies!

5. In the wild, rats are very caring of their own and will carefully look after sick or injured rats in their group.

We know rats might not be the ideal pet for everybody but even so, these caring creatures really do deserve the same love and affection as every other pet/animal. Did you learn something new about rats today? If so, why not share these facts to your social account and help share how brilliant these little fuzz pots really are?




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