Mango & Melon Update!

An update on Mango & Melon! Thank you so much for your overwhelming support!


We’d like to express our most heartfelt thanks to all of the incredible people who supported our recent appeal for Mango & Melon. Can you believe the difference in these two girls since their devastating arrival photos?!

Watch the update video here:


We’re sure you’ll all be ecstatic to hear that both the girls are doing amazingly well since their veterinary operations and treatment. Mango’s x-rays showed that although she does have some skeletal issues in her legs and spine, there are no major abnormalities – although she may benefit from joint supplements to help keep her as healthy and pain-free as possible.  She’s also recovering very well, since having her lower lid Entropion and prolapse surgery.


Mango required more extensive Entropion surgery on both of her eyes and a mass removal from her side but again she’s recovering well too! So it’s amazing news for both of these gorgeous dogs and we couldn’t wait to share this with our fabulous supporters!


They may still have some recovering to do and feel a little bit sore – but they’re not letting this dampen their spirits as you can see! They’re already so much happier and are worlds apart from the poor withdrawn girls who first came through our Centre doors just 33 days ago.


We’d like to congratulate our amazing Animal Centre Team, who have done an unbelievable job caring for these poor little dogs but to also thank YOU, our fantastic supporters for making all of this possible. We have now raised an astonishing £3900 for the girls, which has not only covered their operation costs but will also cover their ongoing pain relief, vet check ups and meds before they’re well eventually well enough for adoption….and for this we’re so grateful and feel incredibly lucky to have supporters as wonderful as you!


Mango & Melon are receiving all the TLC they need from our team and we’re hopeful that it won’t be long until they’re well enough to find the loving, new forever homes they deserve so much! We hope you’ve enjoyed this update and we’ll be sure to send more very soon!


From all of the team here, THANK YOU for playing such a crucial role in Mango & Melon’s recovery – this wouldn’t be possible. P.S – Mango & Melon demanded that we send you all lots of lovely slobbery wet nose kisses..… isn’t that lovely of them?


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