NINE cats dumped at our Centre on Valentine’s Day

A staggering NINE cats were cruelly dumped in a cardboard box at our back gate on Valentine's Day.💔😢 Our Animal Care Team were shocked to discover the box at the back gates of our Centre on the afternoon of February 14th. After initially assuming just one cat had been abandoned from the message scribed on the cardboard - "Free cat - save my life", staff were appalled to find 9 very stressed cats cramped into the small space, with the edges sealed by sellotape and just a few holes poked in to allow them to breathe. 😖

We provided immediate care and veterinary checks for all nine of the cats and we're pleased to report that they're now doing well and being housed in our cattery. However, the cost of providing the necessary care to such a large number of cats so unexpectedly is going to be very financially draining. Not only have we seen a sharp increase in pet hand-overs and a higher than normal demand for our welfare services recently, but soaring energy prices and the cost of living crisis is also significantly increasing our running costs day by day.

For this reason, we would be so grateful of any donations to help us provide all the love, care and rehabilitation required to find new homes for these poor unwanted cats, make a donation here.

Valentine's Day should be a celebration of love and it's been quite the opposite for these sweet cats - but with your support and our amazing care team, we'll do all we possibly can to ensure that all 9 of them find a loving new home and family, where they never have to experience anything like this again. Thank you so much for your support.

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