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Hollings Hoof Filled With Beef

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Dogs love it when you appreciate their good deeds with a treat, especially if they can gnaw them away all day long. Since it is in their nature, they prefer such chewy treats more. However, there are some dogs that do not like such healthy dog treats. To tempt your dog to be involved in playing and enjoying natural dog treats, you can get these Hollings Cow Hooves Dog Chews. Cow hooves are something that any dog, irrespective of size and breed, can enjoy chewing.
These cow hooves dog treats are tailor-made to add more fun to your dog’s playtime with a delicious, meaty filling on the inside. This allows a dual-advantage. Your dog has something to chew on for hours, which is also healthy. In addition to the 100% cow hoof, this meaty filling is made from meat,animal derivatives and wheat that promote strong bones, teeth, gums, skin, coat, and digestive system.
Once this meaty filling is consumed, you can fill the cow hooves for dogs again with your dog’s favourite spread treats like peanut butter or cheese. Just one thing that you must keep in mind while serving these animal parts dog treats is that they may contain splinters so you must always supervise while your dog enjoys these treats.

Product Benefits

  • Delicious and super-healthy dog treats to satisfy your dog’s instinctual habits
  • Made from British and locally-sourced cow hooves
  • Provides your dog with a long-lasting reward for its good performance
  • Rich in protein and other essential nutrients
  • Contains no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives


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Hollings Hoof Filled With Beef

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