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Pawise Cat Treat Snack Ball 5cm

A bright, colourful interactive toy for cats the Pawise Cat Treat Ball has been specially designed to enrich your cat’s life providing tons of mental stimulation as well as promoting essential exercise for a happy, healthy, fit and active cat.

Made with premium quality materials for lasting use and a durable design the Pawise Cat Treat Ball is available in a variety of colours, ensuring visibility for your cat wherever they may play. Perfect for solo play sessions to keep your cat occupied, engaged and enriched its great for use with your cat’s favourite food or treats, with a specially crafted paw-shaped treat hole that releases treats to reward your cat as he plays.

Suitable for both cats and kittens to provide tons of fun and entertainment the Pawise Cat Treat Ball is a household essential for all cats encouraging long lasting, active play and helping to prevent boredom. Sure to keep them entertained for hours simply insert delicious treats into the ball, twist and its ready for play!


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Pawise Cat Treat Snack Ball 5cm

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