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Pill Popper

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Pill popper to help give tablets to cats


Pill Popper

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Instructions for use

Restrain the cat before giving the pill. It is often easier if you ask a friend to assist you. The cat can be wrapped in a towel to make him feel more secure and stop him from scratching.

Coat the pill with butter before putting it into the pill popper. This will make the pill taste better to the cat and will also help it to slide down his throat.

Insert the pill in the end of the pill popper.

Hold the cat by the scruff of the neck and tilt her head back slightly.

Put the pill popper with the pill into the cat’s mouth and push on the syringe at the end of the popper. This will pop the pill onto the back of the cat’s tongue, which will encourage him to swallow.

Rub the front of the cat’s neck in a downward motion if she still has not swallowed the pill.