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Rosewood Blueberry Bear

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The Rosewood Blueberry Bear is the perfect toy or comfort friend for your dog. Featuring two internal squeakers, Blueberry Bear will keep your dog entertained for hours. Blueberry Bear’s coat is made from an extremely durable felt and is also machine washable, ensuring a long and happy friendship for your dog and Bear. Equipet recommends using a gentle cycle and warm or cool water for machine washing. Key Points: High quality, durable, cuddly bear. 2 squeakers inside Bear provides plenty of entertainment for your dog. Great cuddle toy for anxious pets. Machine washable. It is extremely important to choose the right size dog toy for your dog. Equipet recommends using this toy under supervision and to not allow your dog to play with it should any part become loose or separated. This toy is not suitable for children.


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Rosewood Blueberry Bear

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