Blog #3 : Suzie & the pups

It’s Thursday everyone, which means it’s pupdate time, wahoo! We’re pleased to report that Mum and babies are all still doing great! Suzie is doing a fabulous job as Mum and is a really sweet and affectionate girl, so she’s getting lots of cuddles in her wonderful foster home!

Last week we mentioned that we were at a critical point in the puppies development, as their eyes and ears begin to open and they start to make sense of the world around them. Well, you can see in these pictures, all of the puppies are LOVING life as they start to see/hear properly….they’re waisting no time at all soaking up their surroundings, running and playing like there’s no tomorrow!

We will be continuing their sensory training, with new ‘real-life’ sights and sounds to help them gain confidence as they mature. Some of the pups have little needle teeth coming through too, so teething objects and toys will be introduced to help these push through! If you would like to purchase any items for the pups, head to our Pet Of The Month section on our website homepage.

We can’t believe how much they’ve all grown compared to last weeks pictures, can you?! Make sure you check back next Thursday to see how this cheeky little bunch are doing!


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