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It was another busy afternoon at our Animal Centre when Mango & Melon first came through our doors covered in urine, faeces and clearly suffering from a long and painful list of ailments.

These poor girls had been found at an abandoned property in West Yorkshire (with another 2 litter mates) by a member of the public. Even through their nervousness and suffering, these little fighters still managed to give our team a very gentle tail wag – perhaps they knew their ordeal was finally over.

Our Animal Care Team initially couldn’t decipher whether Mango & Melon were adult dogs or puppies.  Although they had full-grown teeth – they were displaying juvenile-like behaviour and all that was clear was neither of the girls had ever received the care, love and attention they needed to be healthy young dogs – but we were going to do all we possibly could to change this.

After seeking immediate veterinary advice it was determined that the girls were adults and that it was sadly due to severe neglect that their growth and development was so stunted.

Melon was shockingly suffering from an untreated anal prolapse requiring surgery, whilst sister Mango will also need an op for a severe case of Entropion (a painful condition that causes the eyelashes to grow into the eyelid). Due to the obvious deformities in the girls’ legs, x-rays will also be required to see what is causing this and if it can be treated.

It was horrific to see how terribly Mango & Melon had been treated… but we’re pleased to say they’re slowly starting to come out of their shell. These gentle souls are now receiving round-the-clock care from our dedicated team and will never have to spend another moment in pain or neglect. Although they still have a long road of operations and healing ahead of them, they’re in safe hands with us and we’re doing everything we can to alleviate their pain and ensure they have a happy and pain-free future ahead.

Sadly, all of this vital surgery, treatment and care comes at a heavy cost to our self-funded RSPCA Centre and the current veterinary bill now stands at a staggering £2110.40, which will almost certainly increase as we continue on their journey to health. If you would like to contribute to Melon and Mango’s care costs, we would be so very grateful.

It goes without saying that our charity will do everything in our power to get Mango & Melon in full health as soon as possible – but as an independent local charity, situations like these put our resources under a huge amount of strain. Your donations make it possible for us to save the lives of animals like Mango & Melon and we just couldn’t continue this work without our network of amazing supporters, who care for animals in need just as much we do!

To donate simply tap the button below. If you can’t donate, please share this story to help Mango & Melon and to support the vital animal welfare work we do each and every day. Together, we can make sure that every local animal in need gets the care and love they need to survive and we can’t thank you enough for playing such a vital role in this.

We‘ll be sharing regular updates on Mango & Melon’s journey to wellness, so please keep an eye on our socials and websites if you would like to follow their story. We hope that soon our girls will be well enough to find the safe, loving forever home they truly deserve!

Thank you from all of the RSPCA HHB Team (with a lovely slobbery wet nose kiss from Mango & Melon too!)



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