Help keep wildlife and pets safe this Bonfire Night…

November 5th is perhaps the most stressful night of the year for pet owners and sadly for much of our wildlife too. There are lots of things you can do to help keep our wildlife safe and minimise the stress of Bonfire Night for our much-loved pets too, read on for ???? ????? ???? ?? ??? ?? ???? ???????? (??? ????) ???? ???? ??????? ????? and help spread the word!…

?If you want to enjoy a fireworks display, please consider purchasing only Low Noise/No Bang Fireworks from participating retailers – but no fireworks at always is always better!

? Always try to make the bonfire on the day of lighting it. If you’ve already built yours, move it to a debris-free area to allow wildlife that has moved in a chance to get out.

? Never build your bonfire on a pile of leaves as a hedgehog may be hiding underneath.

?Keep fireworks away from trees and hedgerows

?Clear up once the display has finished. Don’t leave dead fireworks or litter

?Hedgehogs are not the only garden lovers who need rehousing on Guy Fawkes night. Look out for toads, frogs, and newts who will also require a little redirection.

? Check the entire bonfire for hedgehogs before lighting it.

? When checking, lift parts of the bonfire section by section using a pole or broom. Do not use a fork, spade or rake as this may injure a hedgehog.

? Use a torch to look inside the bonfire and listen for hissing.

? Always light your bonfire from one corner, rather than in the centre, in order to give hedgehogs a chance to escape if they need to.

?If you have outdoor pets bring them inside, move hutches, (like guinea pigs or rabbits) to a garage or shed. Soundproof cages with a breathable blanket and add extra bedding to hide in.

?If you have indoor pets, keep them in the house as much as possible. Shut any windows and doors so they can’t run off if they do get frightened. Make sure blinds and curtains are closed. Build them a den or add an extra blanket on their bed.Turn up the TV/ Radop so they’re distracted by familiar sounds. If your pets are unsettled don’t get cross with them, give them some space & treat them as you would normally.

?Sign this RSPCA petition to support the #bangoutoforder campaign:

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