Join us for our upcoming Canine Behaviour Talks!

Have you ever wanted to delve deeper into the psychology of your dog?


Why not join us for our first-ever range of educational talks covering the development journal from puppyhood to adolescence.

 Join us at our Wade Street Animal Centre with Yeli Williams BSc (Hons), our dedicated on-site training and behaviour advisor.  Yeli has over 12 years in the industry, with a degree in Canine Behaviour Management. She is also studying towards a Masters degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare, as well as keeping up to date with current CPD.

Anyone of any ability can join and learn from these talks. Whether you want to strengthen the bond between you and your dog or if you’re thinking of starting a career in canine behaviour, we’ll cover topics such as – it will take you through each developmental phase of puppies as they grow, a look at socialisation and then how to manage your dog through those tricky adolescent stages.

What’s going on and when?

Puppies and Adolescent Dogs – £25, 26th August. Managing and Preventing Problem Behaviours in your puppies up to adolescent dogs

Basic Body Language & Handling – £15 – 20th May – a look at dogs body language and how to better read our dogs. Looking at how to tell when a dog looks relaxed, playful, nervous, aggressive etc. and how different breeds will look and behave. Also looking at some handling hints and tips and some common misconceptions when interacting with dogs. Perfect for new dog owners or those interested in starting out in training. There will also be a fun quiz.

Nervous Dogs – £25 – 17th June and 21st October – Going through in detail how a dog may look when very nervous, looking at some common signs and some less common signs. There will be some videos shown to show how a nervous dog may behave and a discussion. Will also cover some misconceptions and how to handling and behave around nervous dogs. Perfect for owners of nervous dogs, or for those that work in kennels, vets, training etc. Two separate dates are available.

Reactive Dogs: How to Manage – £25 – 15th July and 18th November – an in-depth look at how reactive dogs may look and behave/ body language – the difference between reactive and aggressive. Why they may behave in this way. There will be videos to show and discuss reactive behaviours. We will also look at how to manage and train a reactive dog (just the foundations/ generic over view) and also the impact of living with a reactive dog and where you can find further support. Ideal for owners of reactive dogs, those that work in kennels or are trainers. Two separate dates are available.

Noise Sensitivity and Fireworks – £15 – 23rd September – a look at how dogs may act if they are scared of loud noises/ fireworks. How to manage and help the dogs become less worried. Preparation for Bonfire night/ NYE. Plenty of guidance of where to find support and products that may help. Perfect for owners of worried dogs or those that work with them.

The talk will be interesting, informative, educational and fun and not only that, but you’ll walk away with your very own certificate of attendance and we’ll even have an after Q&A session!

Running ever Saturday at 4pm, lasting from 60-90 minutes. Spaces limited to 10 people per session and refreshments and certificates will be provided during each talk.

Find out more by getting in contact or book today with the payment option to secure your spot. We will be in touch with you after payment has been completed to confirm further details.

 01422 365628


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