Pet abduction to become criminal offence & CCTV now mandatory in Welsh abattoirs

We were delighted to hear the news that pet abduction will soon become a punishable criminal offence – coming into force in August in England and Northern Ireland after legislation was pushed through on the final day of Parliament.

Under the new law, anyone convicted could face a fine or a maximum of five years in prison. Currently, pets are considered in law to be property and stealing a pet is covered by the 1968 Theft Act. The law is similar in Scotland – we’re so proud of the National RSPCA and the many other Animal Welfare groups for tirelessly campaigning for this to finally change and for pet theft to become a real offence, as it should be.

Plus, more positive news for farm animals this week as CCTV is now set to become mandatory in abattoirs in Wales, following England’s lead in 2018. As we know the presence of these cameras is so important, so that the way animals are handled and treated can be monitored and recorded at all times, ensuring welfare standards are met – we’re delighted that Wales has followed suit.



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