Urgent appeal for Mildred – can you help?

Mildred, an outdoor farm cat,
arrived in care after she was found by a member of
public with her 6 week old kitten. We have since found
a loving home for her kitten but Mildred has made it
apparent that she does not want to be an indoor cat.

One of our kind fosterers has taken Mildred in – but we
urgently need to find a nice secure barn or similar
location for Mildred to enjoy all the freedom she wishes,
as she is so unhappy being indoors.

Can you help us? If you think you could give Mildred the
home we’re looking or we’d love to hear from you:
01422 365628/
enquiries@rspcahalifaxhuddersfieldbradford.org.uk –
please share to help. We will be happy to provide
anything an adopter would need as a starter pack –
thank you.


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