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All For Paws Outdoor Ballistic Donkey...

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Hey pet owners, get ready to take playtime to the next level with the All For Paws Outdoor Ballistic Donkey– the vibrant and durable toy that’ll have your furry friend quacking with joy!

This colourful and lifelike soft toy is designed to bring the excitement of the outdoors right to your pet’s paws. With minimal stuffing in the body, it’s easy on clean-up and ensures hours of delightful play. Packed with a squeaker, this toy adds a touch of realism to playtime, engaging your pet’s natural instincts and keeping them entertained.

Built with reinforced seams, the Ballistic Donkey is tough enough to withstand your pet’s playful bites and tugs. It’s not just a toy; it’s a companion for every adventure, be it playing, tugging, or even cozy cuddle sessions.

This toy is just the right size for your pet to grab, wrestle, and carry around – ensuring hours of tail-wagging, playful bliss. Elevate your pet’s playtime with the All For Paws Outdoor Ballistic Donkey – because a happy pet makes for a happy pet owner!

  • Colourful, Lifelike soft toy
  • Minimal stuffing in body
  • Squeaker with mallard sounds
  • Reinforced Seams
  • Size (Cm) : L 30 x W 20 x H 3


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All For Paws Outdoor Ballistic Donkey Dog Toy

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