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Endogard Plus worming tablet for dogs

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Endogard Plus has the same active ingredient as Drontal.

Endogard for Virbac is a broad spectrum wormer for protection against most types of intestinal worms commonly found in dogs.


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Endogard Plus worming tablet for dogs

Product Details

Endogard has 3 active ingredients (praziquantel, Pyyrantel embonate & Febantel) with proven efficiency, perfect for treatment of mixed infections by nematodes and cestodes.

* High safety margin
* A well tolerated combination in dogs
* Use during pregnancy (except in the first 4 weeks) or lactation
* For dogs older than 2 weeks and over 2kg in weight

Endogard is available in 2 sizes, Endogard Plus Flavour, 1 tablet covers 10kg of bodyweight or Endogard Plus XL, 1 tablet covers 35kg bodyweight. Suggested dosage is every 3 months.

Legal Category- NFA- VPS