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Pet Remedy Atomiser

Pet Remedy Atomiser is battery operated so can be placed wherever the animals are.


Pet Remedy Atomiser

Product Details

Pet Remedy works by using the animals own natural calming mechanism GABA. This is a natural calming agent which is present in all mammals, birds and reptiles. When an animal becomes stressed or anxious pet remedy can help fire up the nerve cells to think they are getting a message from the brain to be calm. It contains valerian and other essential oils. Pet remedy Atomiser is battery operated and is ideal if have no supply for plug diffuser so can be used anywhere. It is non aerosol and easy to operate and has 3 options of frequency to spray which is the following every 30minutes, 60minutes or 120 minutes apart advised to be at least 4 feet from the ground so the water based mist disperses in the room it is in.