Registered Charity 225575

Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford & District Branch

Recycling for the RSPCA

We’re able to collect some of the items which are recyclable, yet not in the usual council recycling collections. 
You can donate these items at any of our shops or our Halifax animal centre. This helps us to raise additional funds for the charity.

The items we can currently accept fall into 3 main categories; Pet Food Packaging, Plastic Food Packaging and Ink Catridges. More details of the exact items which we collect are given below. 


Pet Food Packaging

To the left are some examples of the types of pet food packaging we are able to collect. These include dry food bags and flexible plastic treat sachets.

In the case of wet food sachets, any donations should be arranged through Cathryn Harris on 07761 986317 as we're not always able to take these at all of our shops.










Plastic Food Packaging

The main thing to look out for in collecting plastic food packaging is the Terracycle logo. These are examples of just some of the packaging which is included, such as crisp packets, biscuit wrappers and cracker boxes. 

Tassimo coffee pods are also an item we've been collecting for some time and we're the main recycling centre for these in the region. 








Print Cartridges

We've recently started collecting ink cartridges. Due to the components, these are a valuable item worth recycling, especially in bulk. 

The important thing to look for in any cartridges you'd like to donate to us is the presence of a magnetic strip.