An update from the inspectors

As many people might be aware (but many others might not!), the RSPCA Inspectors are managed by the National Society, based in Horsham in Sussex. Our branch is an individual charity, one of 156 across the UK, who receive, rehabilitate and rehome any pets who are taken into the care of the RSPCA.

At our branch, we won’t always know the full history of an animal who comes into our care (they are often subject to legal proceedings) but we do receive updates about what inspectors have been up to in the region. This month, a few small exotic animals have reached the UK in suitcases or deliveries, including this lizard which stowed itself away on a transporter to Huddersfield!

This cat was also rescued from inside a wall in Fartown, Huddersfield. Nobody could figure out how he’d got in there but having been missing for 6 days, he fortunately had a microchip and was returned to his very relieved owners!











This gorgeous labrador had been reported by a member of the public as being kept in squalid conditions in Burnley. He was fortunately signed over by his previous owner, was quickly adopted and given the name Gary. He’s now living his best life being thoroughly spoiled. 











Several wild birds have also been rescued recently; a Manx Shearwater which would usually be found at sea had either got lost or been blown off course and was found in Bolton. A swan was also rescued, having been seen with fishing tackle tangled around her leg. She was taken in for very quick treatment and returned in less than an hour to her young cygnet. The saddest of the cases was this male mallard duck, who had also had an encounter with fishing tackle but unfortunately had injuries too severe for recovery and had to be put to sleep.















These cases all go to show what a wide variety of situations the inspectors can be called out to. A few things to take away here too:

– Make sure your pets are microchipped so they can be easily returned should anything happen.

– Remind any anglers you know to make sure they’ve removed all tackle from their fishing spots.

– Be careful you haven’t got any little stowaways in your suitcases!!


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