Blog #2 : Suzie & the pups!

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another pupdate with Suzie and the gang! We’re now in week 3 of the puppies being born and we’re pleased to report they’re all doing fantastically well!

It’s a crucial and very exciting point in their development now, as it’s the time when their ears and eyes will be opening. So, we will be introducing new sounds at low levels, we’ll keep this very quiet so we don’t annoy new Mum Suzie though! It’s important to ease the pups in to sounds like traffic/fireworks/washing machines/hoovers, so they can adjust early on in life and grow in to confident adult dogs. We will also be placing new objects in their environment so can they get used to looking at different shapes and sizes as they start to see for the very first time.

Don’t forget, you can purchase important items for Suzie and the puppes from our Pet Of The Month section (just head to our home page and scroll down to see their wishlist). We will be back again next Thursday, as promised, with more puppy-goodness for you!


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