Hettie & Hugo – A tail of two lovers reunited!

Poor little Hugo was handed into our Animal Centre as a stray 23 days ago. He was found wandering the streets of Halifax by a member of the public and sadly we couldn’t locate an owner.
Whilst just a few miles away in Huddersfield, Donaldson’s Vets had also taken in a curiously similar-looking lost rabbit! After our Animal Centre Team were made aware of this (and again, no owner stepped forward) – we decided there was a strong chance that these two bunnies were lost lovers… and we couldn’t bear to think of them apart!
Our team made the trip over to Huddersfield and there was no denying that the similarities between these two bunnies were uncanny! We just had to bring this gorgeous girl (who we’ve now named Hettie) back to our Centre to care for and gradually introduce the two together.
Fast forward a few days, when Hettie & Hugo were more settled into their new rescue environments, we set up a rabbit reunion and it was clear to see they remembered each other and were so ecstatic to be back together again! Almost a little too excited, (if you know what we mean 😄) …so we’re just waiting for our dream couple to heal from their neutering before a proper introduction can take place!
We’re so pleased we could reunite these little fluff pots back together again, with the help of Donaldson’s Vets! It’s a true love story but one that can only end with them finding their perfect forever home together!
If you’ve fallen head over heels for Hettie & Hugo and would like to adopt this delightful duo, we’d love to hear to from you! Visit our website to find out more or fill in an online adoption application form, isn’t this an amazing story? They say love is all you need and for these two – it’s definitely true!


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