It’s Guinea Pig Awareness Week (Sept 25th-29th)

Guinea Pig Awareness Week, or GPAW, is a week dedicated to improving the health and welfare of guinea pigs and this year’s theme is Rescue & Rehome! Throughout the week, GPAW will be exploring what it means to be a guinea pig owner and share some top tips, uncover interesting facts and, of course, post lots of great photos!

Endorsed by the British Veterinary Association and British Small Animal Veterinary Association, GPAW will also be covering the five welfare needs of our guinea pigs.

In celebration of this fabulous week, we wanted to share Mavis & Malcolm’s fabulous update with you, this gorgeous pair were adopted from our branch earlier this year, so it’s fabulous to see them so happy, loved and settled! Thank you to this fabulous adopter for giving these gorgeous piggies the perfect forever home!


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