Will Squeak lost his leg… and nearly his life, can you help with his £1180.73 care costs?

A tiny kitten, called Will Squeak, nearly didn’t make it when he arrived in our care on Friday 19th May. This poor little boy was found as a stray at the side of the road in a severely collapsed state. He was dangerously dehydrated, extremely emaciated and was suffering from a swollen leg. This was suspected to be peracute sepsis, a life-threatening infection of the blood caused by bacteria.

We don’t know how long little Will Squeak had been suffering before he came to us, or how his leg injury was caused – but we knew that we had to act quickly if we had a chance of saving his life.

Will was rushed into Hirds Vets for emergency treatment and was initially put straight on to fluids and pain relief, as well as antibiotics. The veterinary staff needed to stabilise Will before they could x-ray his leg. Luckily, the fluids and pain relief helped immensely, so much so that later that same day this little fighter was trying to stand and even started to lick at his food! This was wonderful news to the veterinary staff and to our Animal Care Team too, who had everything crossed that Will would make it through his horrendous start in life.

The next day Will was sedated, X-rayed and had a drain placed in his leg with the aim of removing any infection. Unfortunately, the infection had already spread to Will’s bone and the best course of action was to remove the leg entirely to prevent the risk of infection spreading further into the rest of his body.

Brave little Will had his leg amputated last Tuesday and has recovered incredibly well. We knew he was a fighter from the moment he arrived… but to our amazement, he was sat up later that day – nothing was going to stop Will from getting better!

He spent a further two days at the vets under observation and is now in one of our wonderful foster homes where he is adjusting to life on 3 legs, making huge progress each day that goes by.

Will’s current bill is already at a staggering £1180.73 … and this will increase with his ongoing care costs. As a local, independent and self funded charity, this is a HUGE amount for us and we’re asking our wonderful supporters if you could help us with his costs? Every penny donated will go directly towards Will’s veterinary bill, his ongoing treatment costs and will help us find him the loving home he deserves as soon as he is well enough for adoption.

You may be wondering where we got this adorable name from? Well, when he entered our care we called the little man Will….however, the name ‘Will Squeak’ came about after the vets nicknamed him Squeak – because when Will was feeling better he was constantly squeaking for attention, so the two names were merged together – isn’t that the cutest thing ever?!

He really is the sweetest little kitten and all the veterinary and RSPCA HHB staff adore him – we really can’t thank the wonderful team at Hird’s enough for their amazing work in saving his life, and our thanks are extended to any of our generous supporters donating towards the cost of Will’s life-saving care. ❤️

If you can’t donate, please share, it really means the world to us and if Will could thank you, we’re sure he would… although it may sound more like a squeeeak! 😊

Visit this link to donate, you’re all amazing and we couldn’t continue our work without you…. THANK YOU.


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