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Plaque off cat 40g

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Plaque Off helps to eliminate bad breath, tartar and plaque. Simply add to food.


Plaque off cat 40g

Product Details

How does PlaqueOff work?
The active ingredient in PLAQUEOFF™ is a natural vegetable substance derived from specific strain of maritime algae. When ingested, the ingredients are absorbed into the bloodstream and then impart to the composition of the saliva an ability to dissolve tartar and to prevent new layers from gaining a foothold.
It is known that the composition of the saliva can help to get rid of the bacteria that promote the formation of plaque and tartar. Dental plaque is made up of a community of microbes that have organized into a tenacious biofilm.
PlaqueOffTM works systemically, through the blood stream. It is thought to disrupt the biofilm, to affect the ability of plaque to ‘stick’ to surfaces in the mouth and softens hard calculus deposits.
Clinical studies using scientifically-approved methods of testing and measuring have proven the effects of PlaqueOff. They have shown that deposits on the surfaces of the teeth have been decreased by up to 88%, and that tartar has disappeared completely or has become very porous and easy to remove. Several studies have shown that results began to become apparent as early as after four weeks of use, and improve further with continued regular use.
It contains no artificial colours preservatives gluten or sugar.
Results normally seen after 3 – 8 weeks.
No recommended for animals undergoing treatment for hyperthyroidism.
Store in a cool dry place once open use within one year.