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Rosewood Rat Rope Bridge

Rosewood’s Boredom Breaker Rat Rope Bridge offers climbing and clambering fun for small furries, provides your pet with physical and mental stimulation. It comes complete with universal, easy to fit cage connectors.

Your Rope Bridge can be attached from one side of your pet’s cage to the other or you can hang it from the roof of the cage. Increasing the distance between the cage connectors will reduce the drop of the bridge in shallower cages. Rosewood’s Boredom Breaker Rat Rope Bridge is also great for ferrets and chipmunks.

Also available from Rosewood’s Boredom Breaker range: If your pet enjoys this Rope Bridge why not double their fun with the fantastic Rope Cargo Net and create a truly extreme assault course.

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Rosewood Rat Rope Bridge

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