Edie’s harrowing story

We always try to keep our posts as positive as we can, yet sometimes, in our line of work, we see some truly harrowing things and it’s important that we share these stories too…. 💔

Edie hit the headlines recently, after being rescued from appalling living conditions. She was discovered as the sole survivor in the property of a Bradford woman who had devastatingly allowed her two cats to starve to death.

One of the poor cats (whose body was discovered in a sink in the bathroom), was so hungry that traces of plastic were found in his stomach. Another was found dead, wedged between a set of drawers and a wall under the attic stairs.

Poor little Edie was found just in time. She had been confined in the kitchen without anything to eat or drink and had chewed her way through food and drink cartons in an effort to survive. As you can see from her before photo, she was shockingly emaciated.

Bernadette Gallivan, of Saxton Avenue, Bradford, has now been banned from keeping all animals indefinitely after she was sentenced at Leeds Magistrates Court following a prosecution by the RSPCA. Gallivan was also given a 12-month community order, with a requirement to carry out 20 RAR days, and ordered to pay costs of £100 and a victim surcharge of £95. She will not be able to contest her disqualification for a period of ten years.

After being rescued from the property, Edie arrived in the care of our branch and our Animal Care Team were all to happy to provide her with all of the love, care, treatment, feeding and rehabilitation she needed to recover! She weighed a shockingly low 3.9 kilograms and was given a body condition score of only one out of nine. Within just 6 weeks with us, her weight had increased to 6.8kg! We’re delighted to share with you, that Edie is firmly back on all four paws and is living her best life, in her new forever home!

We couldn’t stop smiling from ear-to-ear when we received Edie’s ‘after’ photo from her fabulous new family and we’re sure you’ll enjoy seeing this incredible transformation just as much as we have!

If you want to support the work we do with animals like Edie you can make a donation, become an animal sponsor, volunteer, adopt, foster or fundraise for us and so much more!

To read the full story of Edie’s rescue, which includes very distressing images, please visit: www.rspca.org.uk/-/news-indefinite-ban-on-keeping-animals-for-yorkshire-woman-who-let-her-pets-starve-to-death

Thank you for helping us be there for local pets in need.

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