Meet the kittens found abandoned in a skip!

Can you believe this adorable trio were found abandoned, fighting for their lives in a skip?! There are lots of things you can expect to find dumped in the bin… but a trio of kittens certainly isn’t one of them.

Our Animal Care Team regularly hear and see lots of upsetting scenarios – but it doesn’t make cases like this any less shocking. It just doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened to our aptly named Hop, Skip & Jump – a cutesy homage to their humble beginnings.

We’re eternally grateful to the member of public who miraculously discovered these little fluff pots, so they could make their way to safety at our Animal Centre. Our team have worked very closely to give each kitten all the extra love and care they needed to make sure they were fit, happy and healthy enough to find loving new homes.

Well, nothing was going to stop these guys and we’re delighted to let you know that all 3 are now reserved and ready to start to new lives in their warm and safe forever homes, with a loving family… just like they always should’ve been!

If you want to help us be there for animals like Hop, Skip and Jump, you can donate to support our Animal Centre  – or become a monthly animal sponsor. Thank you so much for your support, together we can always be there for local animals in need.


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